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Friday, October 31, 2008

And Its Friday Again

Don't blog as regular as I used to.

Lots has happened over this week. Most prominently, we now have a World Series winning baseball team. We are all pretty happy about that. Tony and I played hooky to watch the parade this afternoon.

Hopefully we'll have something to rejoice about next week as well - a win that will matter a bit more and that we can share with the rest of the country.

But I digress. I ran an Acme loop this morning. Interesting experiment. I ran it a week ago Tuesday in 88 minutes, ran it today in 83 minutes (82:53 to be exact). Only difference in the two runs was that Deirdre was with me this morning.

It doesn't get light until 7 now. That will change again next week, but for this week it meant I had to get my winter loops out for Tinicum. Yesterday I ran 10.5 91:20) on this route that took me through Tinicum just as the the sun was rising over Darby Lake. Not only was it beautiful, but it also told me that I didn't want to get up any earlier, as there are no lights on the paths there. On Wednesday I ran a 5 mile Tinicum Township loop (untimed). Tuesday was more of the awful cold rain and wind that wreaked havoc with the first part of Game 5 (in other words, a DNR), and Monday was a mellow 3.5 mile Cobbs Creek loop.

All caught up now. Hanging in there. Still visualizing when my running and my blogging will both be regular again. It'll happen, but I'm not pushing things.


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