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Monday, October 13, 2008


Four days and three runs since I've blogged. Busy weekend.

Friday I took the day off. Didn't feel like I needed to but felt like I should. That puts me out of sorts. But I did do some cross training in that I cycled down to Citizens Bank Park that evening to watch the Phillies and the Dodgers in the second game of the NLCS. Its a nice feeling to scoot through all the traffic and get a close, free parking spot. But not like the feeling that comes with a Phillies win.

Saturday was a long run of sorts, did a Tenicum. Ten miles is the longest I've run since July. Felt so-so, weather was very warm and the sun was bright on colors just starting to turn. Wildlife highlight was a well picked over turkey carcass in the wooded part of the course. Last five miles went down in 39:39, showing that there is still some life left in this old turkey carcass. 10+ miles in 87:17.

Yesterday I was in Virginia at my sisters. Took it out to the track a few blocks from her house and did a progression run. Five 1600 meter splits in 9:02; 8:22; 7:58; 7:26; 6:54. Felt good, in a minimized expectations sort of way, to get the last split under 7. Total time was 39:42. This gave me 38 miles for the week.

And I just got back this morning from running a short figure 8 in Tinicum. Got out the door just as the first daylight was hitting, which is about 6:40 these days. Stayed on the better-trodden boring part and then, when things were better lit, went back on the more precarious car-wash part. Car-wash lived up to its name, with dew-laden underbrush giving my legs a cold washing. I rousted up a few members of the Tinicum Track Club, but they all dodged into the undergrowth instead of running with me. The morning felt more like the egrets I spooked, who flew away on large white noiselessly flapping wings. I juggled external beauty and internal thoughts, never really balancing the two. The run felt stronger as it progressed, and the last mile home was strong. 6.5 miles, untimed.

I started going back in my running log and filling in workouts from days I was too dispirited to make entries. While I kept blogging, albeit haphazardly, I completely stopped keeping up with my running log after the Bryn Mawr workout in late July fried my Achilles tendons. Going back now feels therapeutic, like I'm revisiting and coming to terms. I don't want to get too melodramatic here, there is no trauma involved. It feels more like I'm restoring continuity, in starting things up again now I feel that I am ready to connect back to where I was.


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