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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Calves of Clay

Two days in a row! Keep those expectations low.

Did a usual Franklin Field loop today except that I went south on 38th St/University Ave for a bit and turned in at the Chiller Plant so I could refuel my coolness. From there ran on a service road along I76 and popped back up on South St. Route is here.

My cardio felt fine, my breathing was easy. But my calves, up and down, felt weak. Its like the top half of my body is saying, "Come on, let's kick it" and the legs are not up to it. Its like my legs need Viagra.

I'm not complaining. Yet. Just happy to work on getting out there every day for the second straight day. My performance issues may be weakness or just stiffness. For an experiment I hammered the last two blocks and that was not a problem.

4 miles, untimed.


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