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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Assuming the Position

Ate breakfast this morning again with each leg resting on a bag of frozen veggies and propped up on their own chair. Its on its way to becoming a habit. But that means I got up and ran. Met up with Jody and Deirdre, ran out and back to Erin's new place but she was nowhere to be found, and ran with J & D for a bit until out of prudence I turned back and ended up doing the same loop as I did yesterday. With the extension I'll call it three miles. Again untimed.

Had a conversation yesterday with a colleague as I was getting cash from an atm and she was waiting on coffee. Of course she asked about my running and I said I wasn't doing much of it and in response to the expectation that the conversation go farther I went on to say some things along the line of what I've been writing of here on the uncertainty of my racing future. I quickly got that feeling that I'm giving too much info, that I should have just said something like that I'm hurt and if the "Tommy John surgery" sticks then I'll be back training for the trials in 2012. Or just that things are slow right now.

Still figuring it out.


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