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Monday, September 01, 2008

Rehab (of sorts)

I was going to take my legs on a spin today but instead tossed a frisbee around with Tony for 25 minutes. As good a test of my heels as a spin around the block, and I got in some quality time with the boy. Heels held up okay and I iced them down afterwards. Will try to run a few miles tomorrow. Just found out that L'il Ed released a new cd, so at least my soundtrack is set.

I'll probably do another variation here on a theme I've been writing on for the last couple of posts. But that's a big part of what this blog is for, to work through my running (or lack thereof) issues.

I'm curious to see where my running is going to take me. Right now I visualize myself as jogging for the foreseeable future. Joining 98.9% of the running community that just goes out for a slow to modest run and is satisfied with it. Or rather, who get their gratification from something other than the relentless need to amp up performance. Part of that sounds very appealing. Part of me doesn't think the other part of me can do it.

I feel I'm at the cusp of something.

A midlife thing, perhaps.

Or maybe a metamorphosis.

Or trying something different just for kicks.

Or maybe something to keep my mind from obsessing over atrophying legs and an expanding waistline, something to be sloughed off as soon as this inflammation gets doused.

Or maybe its the start of training for Comrades Marathon 2010, the only ultra I ever want to do.

All these possibilities and still I haven't gone out and run a damn mile in over a week now. But once again, the future seems limitless.

0 in 0 with a couple of frisbee throws.


Blogger ian said...

I for one doubt your speedy days are behind you. But Comrades is the only ultra I want to do too... so if you're serious we should talk. Is 2010 a down year?

7:43 PM  
Blogger ryandavid said...

I can really relate to your last few posts. At least you're blogging. I wonder if identities can really fundamentally change. As for my time off, I'm learning that it's probably just what I need. When I return, I'll likely have a new perspective, but I'm pretty sure I'll be the same person.

9:00 PM  

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