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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Psychics, fortune tellers, and the manufacturers of Magic 8 Balls all make alot of money from people who have to know something in particular and can't wait until that answer becomes apparent.

The same motivation led me to the track yesterday after the kids and I got back from our road trip. I planned a lactate threshold workout of 4x1600 (30 sec recovery) to answer two basic questions: how much fitness do I still have? do I still have to worry about my Achilles tendons?

The answer to question 1 was quickly apparent. I wanted to start at sub 6 and have each rep go a little faster than the last. At 5:56; 5:52; 5:51 and 6:06 I showed myself to do well at pacing but ran a bit slower than I would have liked, even after taking into account the short recoveries. At least with the last one I know I ran the last three as hard as I should have, I just realize that I have lost a good chunk of fitness over the last month. This Sunday's Stone Harbor 10k will probably reinforce that, but at least now I can have realistic expectations. 8 in 62.21.

As for question 2, the answer is complicated by my running in new shoes. The New Balance 826 light weight trainers that I got feel very stiff, especially in the heel. I wore them last night to break them in and they dug into my heel, making it hard to tell which is tendon pain and which is the shoe. I got up this morning and my legs, heels included, really felt stiff and sore. I ran a short figure 8 at Tinicum, and started at a pace not much faster than walking. Progressive splits were 11:08 (mile 1); 21:06 (mile 2) and 30:20 (mile 3), coming down to an 8:41 pace for the last mile. I don't remember ever recording an 11+ minute 1 mile split. Now my legs feel beat up like after a hard track workout, although I don't think the workout was that hard. 6.5 in 63:52

So one question is answered, the other one is still up in the air. Maybe I'll consult a psychic.


Blogger greg said...

I've been following your blog since I started back
running as a master a year or so ago
after an 8 yr break. It's pretty good and
has helped me a lot figuring out what I can and
can't do for workouts (as an old guy.)

I have the NB 826s too and had more
or less the same problem as you with them.
They are good but just a little stiff
and hard at the heel.

I recommend the Mizuno wave precision
they are light, pretty soft everywhere but
hard wearing and very low slung so they
are super stable.

12:02 PM  

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