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Thursday, August 07, 2008


I learned early on that, when you read a barometer, you don't read the pressure value as much as you look at whether or not this value has fallen or risen since the last reading.

Applying that to my running, today was more sore than yesterday, and I'm concerned about the direction things are heading. I woke up later than I wanted, which meant I couldn't run as long as I wanted. That issue proved moot, however, as there was a kind of roving soreness about my lower legs and ankles, some of which was unmistakably in the Achilles tendon. Low grade, but worse than its been lately. But low grade enough to where I can run through it if it doesn't get worse. Key word here is "if".

Soreness and uncertainty like that also releases mood-dampening chemicals which in turn facilitate a certain self-absorption that is evident in this post. Please bear with me here.

On the bright side, it was cooler and less humid today as I did a Warrington Loop out to Cobbs Creek, and I was glad to be out at all.

5.5 miles in 47:42.


Blogger jim said...

Seebo - just getting caught up on your blog again. From a post last week, I love this intro...

"Back in the days when men were men and women were men and everybody got faster and nobody got injured there was a certain loop that gained a measure of popularity. Legend has it the it had Dutch origins, and those who ran it became members of an exclusive secret society with a nifty handshake. But now nobody runs it anymore and everyone seems to be getting injured. Coincidence?"


11:32 AM  

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