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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ups & Downs

First, the ups.

After running an easy 4 yesterday morning, I did a double by going up to Bryn Mawr after work and running intervals with BMRC.

The workout was 4 x 2000 meters run on an 800m loop that goes around various athletic fields. I was faced with deciding whether to run with group 3, whose time goals were a bit slow for me, and group 2, whose goals were a bit fast: 7:00 to 7:10 (with 75 to 80 seconds recovery). I went with the faster group, figuring to hang on as long as I could. There were three of us - me, Jason, and Frank (who I ran with last Tuesday).

Long story short, I hung on: 7:02; 6:59; 7:07; 7:09. This is why it takes a village to train. I never would have had the guts to think, let alone try, this workout on my own. I never could have held this pace on my own. Hanging onto folks and getting their encouragement made all the difference here. I'm psyched.

11.5 miles for the day (including the morning 4). No overall time.

And now for the down. I'm feeling a pain in the arch of my left foot. I first felt it and associate it with running Tinicum and the uneven surfaces of its trail. It resurfaced yesterday afternoon on the grass at the Bryn Mawr field before the reps. I ran the workout and it didn't bother me then. Afterwards I felt it, however, and it makes its presence known now, especially walking on my toes or up stairs or when I twist my foot a certain way. I felt it in bed last night.

So I bagged my run this morning and went online instead. The symptoms are, thank God, not consistent with a stress fracture or plantar fascitis. But beyond that, I can't find anything that it might be. So I made an appointment with the podiatrist I saw for my toenails; appointment is today at 1.

And I'll leave you with that cliffhanger.


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