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Friday, July 18, 2008


Ran another Tenicum. Even at 6:30, it was hazy hot and humid such that the sun was a red ball, the sky was pale blue, and there was little difference between sun and shade. I set a pr for most rabbits seen in a morning, all shapes and sizes, and I ran from a tag team of flies that always seemed to be chasing me. The flies were playing games with me, as occasionally one would land to bite, always on my back, but more often it was my imagination that would simulate this pricking sensation and lead me to slap myself. There was also a medium sized turtle on the path, rare for this time of year.

Such is the minutiae I become aware of when there isn't much stake in the run. I started out slow, very slow and sped up to half-fast by the end of the run. Total run was 10 miles in 91:10, first five in 50:03 and second five in 41:07. The course lends itself to that, for I am a slow starter (first mile in 10:03, exact same mile was also mile 10, which I ran in 7:58) and once I'm warm the segment that Reba calls the "interesting part" starts, which demands caution due to its overgrowth and old woodchuck holes. After yesterday's workout, its good to have such a course in the repertoire.

This heat does not leave me relishing tomorrow's long run.


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