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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Training Wheels

20,000 roads I've been down, down, down... and they all led me straight back home to you. ~Gram Parsons

Wanted to go somewhere different today. Pondered driving out somewhere but finally settled on running out across the Ben Franklin Bridge and back. This is a Sunday morning run, as that is about the only time that traffic won't make this route unrunnable. But I headed northeast, down Lombard St. and up Sixth to the bridge. Its a rush to slowly ascend over Philadelphia and then to cross the Delaware on a pedestrian walk that puts you above the crossing traffic. Then its an ascent into Camden, with the perfectly cut diamond that is Campbell's Field. Turn around, and do it all again on the long run home.

12 miles; 1:44:44 on this route. This gives me 78 for the week, and with that and three hard workouts this makes my first real training week of the summer.


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