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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Long Run

I suppose this weekend for me is not so much celebrating independence as much as thinking about what it means. A bit too heady to be calling for fireworks.

Its an occasion better suited for lacing up my shoes and getting going. Gonna leave here running, cause walking's much too slow.

Ran long this morning. John Dubs and I dragged Dierdre screaming (okay, more like complaining) up Kelly Drive, and as soon as we passed Falls Bridge the mood started to lift for all of us. Conversation started picking up, and so did my running momentum. We crossed over Green Lane and ran up the first bear before making our way down onto the railway bed I've mentioned wanting to explore. The tracks were gone, but the large gravel that replaced it was less than ideal for running. And the bed went less than a mile before it hit the Cynwyd regional rail station and we had to go back to the roads. But hey, try out new things, sometimes they work better than other times. It did get us running through the middle of Bala Cynwyd, a leafy, almost Main Line suburb that I'm not too familiar with. Then it was back through St. Joe's University and onto more familiar terrain. This week I ran strong and John not so, with Deirdre of course always willing to go another 3 or 4.

Total loop is here, the start and finish are not accurate as I parked on the other side of the Spring Garden Bridge today. I'm calling it 16.5 miles in 2:17:33.


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