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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ran the same loop I ran on Monday, up Route 210 and back through Letchworth Village. Right from the start, however, I felt the push to take the uphills a little harder, let myself go on the downhills a little more, and keep up a faster pace on the straights. I got more anaerobic, had my head up a little higher, and shaved almost 6 minutes off of Monday's time. That's the kind of effort I'll need more of to get back into racing shape. We'll see if its a one shot deal or the start of something. 10 miles in 74:40.

Weighed 182 at the start of the run, 178 at the finish.

Good to see Ian running again, albeit at a new site. I know he's enjoying those waterfalls. Since he asked, Fishheads are an obscure drink that originated in the Virgin Islands. The tangible ingredients happened to be lying around my mom's house yesterday, and include: TropicanaPure Nectar (any nectar would probably do, but I like this stuff and mango is my fave), Cruzan Rum (again any rum would do), fresh lime and ice. Sun setting on the ocean and strange native fish cooking on the barbecue were missing from yesterday's batch. Rum's all gone today.


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