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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling Fugue-y

Strange mix of feelings this morning. Didn't want to go out and once I got going I didn't want to stop. Found myself on MLK and started picking things up a little. Mainly to remember how it feels to run faster. "Faster" is always relative and I took the 3.5 MLK miles at a bit under 7:30 pace. I wasn't breathing heavy but my legs felt tired. Very tired.

Then I cut up to Greenland Road and went home. The achy, tired feeling in my legs got worse as my desire to run increased. The latter is a strange feeling, the best I can relate it to is Forrest Gump, when he starts running and just keeps going. An inertia where, once in motion, I don't want to stop. But my legs did, and continued to make their objections known. That got me down, as I thought they should not hurt so much on this kind of run. Which led me to wonder if I was losing it. Too premature for these kinds of thoughts, but that didn't keep me from wondering. I got home and my legs continued to ache, like growing pains, for a good half hour afterwards. Strange.

11 miles in 95:49.


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