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Monday, June 16, 2008


Tomorrow is Tony’s last day of school. That means, for awhile, no more shlepping him to southern NJ on the mornings he’s with me. I enjoy the ride with Tony, it has turned into good quality time together, but it definitely cramps my morning runs.

The antidote to that, as I’ve said in previous posts, is the return of Erin. Knowing I have someone to meet helps immensely to get me out in the morning. And this morning I even got out early to get in some extra miles before meeting up. So it was rise at 4:45; out of the house at 5:15; 40 minutes of running out to Cobbs Creek and back down Cedar Ave before meeting Erin; another 15 minutes down to 36th St. and back up Spruce to return to Erin’s as she was running late; and then then another 39 minutes of running with her and Iris. Running was decently paced, mainly about getting in the miles. That is still my main focus.

My big toe is doing better but still hurts. Running was much more comfortable today but I have made the mistake of wearing open toed sandals today and have already banged it a few times. Ouch. But I’m optimistic that I can run through this.

And I’m on vacation for this and next week. I’ve got vacation time accrued that if I don’t take I will lose at the end of the month. So it’s a working vacation, meaning that while I’m working I can work on things I enjoy.

Ran for 94:06. Definitely pleased to get so much running in this morning. Call it 11 miles.


Blogger Vince A. said...

The toe thing, I get the same, seems feels like it is ingrown or like I bruised it somehow, and then it goes away a day later. Go figure. I try not to look down there unless I have to.

9:06 PM  

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