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Friday, June 06, 2008


Met Erin this morning. She's good for two things. Getting me out early and keeping me entertained. We ran around the UC for about an hour and got into a conversational rhythm where the topic would morph as we took turns riffing on a particular topic. We are both motivated to get into a regular running pattern again and if we can work something out it would help my training immensely.

Continued for another half hour after Erin was done. Again in search of the different. I headed west on Woodland Ave and turned north on 58th St. Here I plunged into non-linear space. I thought it was a few blocks back to Baltimore Ave., turned out I went through a whole neighborhood in there, tucked away as if in a wormhole.

My thoughts seemed like that as well. Thin strands stretching elongating and twisting into multiple dimensions. No drugs involved, just paradoxes.

Conservatively, ten mellow miles in 90:39.


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