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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Therapy Session

Yesterday's run didn't happen, falling victim to early rain and a full schedule. I am not gung-ho enough yet to run in the kind of rain that came down yesterday, but I still feel bad for not running. Yesterday was not a good day.

I've also been going to bed later recently, which does not portend well for getting up in the mornings. In addition, I can't wrap my mind around ten mile runs yet. So this morning I set the alarm for 6am and it was 6:30 before I dragged myself up.

Once I got out it was an enjoyable run. Didn't take it any too strenuously. Ran out to Cobbs Creek and down to Woodland Ave. I wanted to run somewhere different even though all the streets around here are all too familiar. So I chose Woodland as I hadn't been down it, with its endless countdown of numbered streets, in a long time. And sure enough there was new construction going on, and SEPTA is about to rip part of it up to replace trolley tracks.

I ran with my thoughts this morning, in solitude. In an odd way that I can't explain, my thoughts seemed to sync with my run, evolving as I went through the different sections of the run. These kind of runs bring me a peace, especially when I feel stress, and a feeling of a greater understanding of what I put out there.

I set out to get in 70 miles this week. That ain't gonna happen. So I'm retreating to the more modest goal of beating my previous weeks mileage (41). Its Thursday already, and my tally for this week is 18.5. So I've gotta hustle now to get even that.

8.3 miles along this course in 71:40.


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