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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Building Momentum

I'm starting to think slugdom is getting a bad rap. I've gotten a taste now, and its hard to get back to running regular.

I'm writing off May, so any mileage I get between now and Saturday is gravy, and I will start on the heavy mileage again on Saturday. I was talking with Reba this morning where I blurted out it will only be then when life will feel normal again.

I would think my legs would feel relaxed and refreshed but they have been feeling heavy and sluggish lately (unlike the legs of some folks I know). It's been really hard to get started and things'll get feel better after running a mile or two. To catch up, Monday (Memorial Day) the kids and I took a day trip to the shore and I ran from the motel - 24 minutes out and 21:30 back along Route 9 in Cape May Courthouse. Found the location of "the best pancakes in Cape May County" while running it and the kids and I returned there for breakfast afterwards.

Having the kids around this week, along with getting back into a post-vacation groove, offers plenty of excuses for not getting out. I succumbed to them yesterday, and only got in three this morning - a combination of oversleeping and nature calling.

So, getting started slowly but once I get going I'll be all the harder to stop.


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