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Sunday, May 25, 2008

On the Road Again

Reba and I got back from Tortola last night. A great week spent in a beautiful place. Tourist-ad beaches and always a bar in the wings. Amazing snorkeling and lots of opportunity for exploring and kicking back. Tortola seems a world away, devoid of large resorts, chain franchises, and even four-lane roads. A week of no phone reception, internet access, or tv. World War III could have started and we'd've been oblivious.

Notice how running did not figure in that last paragraph. That's because I didn't do any. It's called vacation.

But it was back to work today. Laced up my shoes this morning and headed west. I felt out of shape. That's relatively speaking, but I still felt that way. Legs were heavy going to Cobbs Creek, they had some pep as I headed down the bike path, and were worn out by the time I got out of Mt. Moriah Cemetery and headed home down Kingsessing Ave.

It was a beautiful day to run. Sunny and mild. Folks were out running, and even biking on the bike path, which is unusual. There were also people playing basketball, tennis, and picnicking along the way. Everyone seemed on holiday.

Its good to be back.


Blogger John W said...

Welcome back. If that picture was meant at all to inspire jealousy.. it worked.

12:24 PM  

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