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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marathon Legs

Running has been irregular since the marathon, as has the blogging. It will likely continue thus through May. In June I want to regroup for one more effort at a fast marathon this fall.

If I do that my legs are going to have to feel better than they did this morning. They felt worn out and punchless, very similar to how I remember them feeling in Boston. Here I dwelt on bad memories and wondered whether I'd have any zip for Broad Street on Sunday. I went out to Cobbs Creek and back on Warrington and had enough energy to fartlek it most of the way. But it just didn't feel like I had anything fast to lay down.

Cool sunny Spring morning, of the kind where you can't help but go out and run.

We'll see how Broad Street goes on Sunday. In the meantime I'd like to run for the rest of the week to retune things.

5.5 miles, no watch.


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