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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1000 in 100

Another easy run. Took the run I planned yesterday, up to MLK and around Sweetbriar. Went home on 46th instead of on 49th as is usual, giving me 7.75 in a pedestrian 68:03. Running on days I drive Tony still means I start out in darkness, but the mild weather reminds me how far I've come since the cold days of January.

And I mean that literally. I noticed yesterday that with today's run I broke the 1000 mark in total mileage for the year. On the run today I figured that this was the 100th day of the year. Living up to my 10-mile a day habit. That won't last, my mileage from here to June will drop significantly, but its a nice achievement and the best mileage I've done ever over an extended time period.

Which got me thinking. As I've said before, according to any indicator I can find I'm in low-2:40's marathon shape. I will plan accordingly to run the first half in Boston at 1:20. After that I stop planning because, while I can control my performance for the first half, the best I can do in the second half is to put me in a position to do well. After that, anything, positive or negative, can happen. And does happen.

That number, the final race time, is what we actually focus on. What we do have control over, and what ultimately represents an exponentially greater effort, is what we accomplish in training. But all that gets forgotten in favor of the race time. I'm not complaining necessarily, just putting it out there.


Blogger Love2Run said...

Those are nice numbers you've got going. Is your 1:20 1st half still on the conservative side? Good luck in Boston!

6:51 PM  
Blogger Vince A. said...

Well my logbook quote of the day today says "there are no shortcuts to any place worth going".

9:27 PM  

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