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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making It Up As I Go

Did a double today. Got up this morning and did a Franklin Field loop, mainly so I won't obsess over my mileage when I do my track work today and so that I can check out a post-Jimmy Vaughn Fabulous Thunderbirds cd ("Painted On") that I downloaded last night. 'Nuff said about that. 4 miles; no time.

Over lunch I blocked out two hours for my track workout. I later heard there was a faculty meeting scheduled for then, but this week my priorities lay with the workout. Jogged down to Franklin Field looking to do 4-5 x 1600m with 400m recoveries. Target time was 5:30. I expected the short recoveries would made themselves felt in the last reps, but I figured this would mix some endurance in with the speed.

Track was wet due to earlier rain, and I wasn't feeling very comfortable in my skin. Nonetheless, I pulled out 5:33; 5:31; 5:29; 5:31; 5:34. Interesting progression there. I'm not ecstatic over it but I'm satisfied. I'm not obsessing so much about the times as much as feeling good that I put myself in a position where I had to hold a hard pace for an extended time period. That is easier to say now than it was while running it. 9.5 miles total, 67:54 running clock time.

There it is for today. I'm not feeling particularly eloquent, so I'll just stick with the basics. Looking ahead, I have the Race for Humanity 5k on tap for Saturday and my last long run for Sunday. After that comes the taper. I'm so ready.

Reba "tagged" me with a task to write a memoir in 6 words. I've seen other tag things on blogs but this is the first time I've gotten hit. This task does not seem too onerous, so if you want my memoir then check the title of today's entry. For rules and the like, check out Reba's post. And I will, as politely as possible, decline to pass it on. Doing so makes me feel like I'm participating in a wave.


Blogger Reba said...

Every party has a pooper!!! And anyone who doesn't LOVE the wave must be a terrorist. But... I still like you.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"For sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn".

8:21 PM  

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