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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Monday Morning Easy

Easy day. Slept in a little longer and ran a little less. Starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week it'll be getting up early and running hard.

Didn't quite stop to smell the flowers, but did just go out and run for the sake of running on this chilly, sunny morning. It is still very early spring, but the grass is green now. It takes me awhile to notice this, and how it adds color to and changes the mood of everything. The forsythias are also in full yellow bloom. A sense of anticipation hangs over the morning.

"Only" running 6.5 this morning was hard in that the urge is there to run more. My legs felt strong, like I'd want them to feel before a race. Starting to get close to compulsion. I'll give into that tomorrow, and something tells me I'll be glad I withstood temptation today. But I hope my legs hang on to that feeling they have. Delicious.

Art Museum loop, 6.5 miles in 55:48.


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