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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Got out of the house this morning all revved up to do track intervals and the pain in my tendons started to flare up during the warmup run out to Interboro track. I deliberated back and forth for about a half mile before realizing the obvious, that it would be stupid to run 800s. So I shut it down.

Walked the half mile back and did alot of thinking with the extra time I had to make my morning Cream of Wheat. This week and next week, the last ones of hard training, were supposed to crescendo up to the taper. But plans seldom play out the way they are supposed to.

I'll rest today, run some tomorrow, and then run hard on Thursday. I'm hoping that this tendon stuff is still low-grade enough for that to be enough to keep things in remission. If not, worst case scenario I would go on a five-week taper to Boston. But I'm not going to go there yet.

I feel like I have found, am straddling, the border of how much training I can get away with without injuring myself. I transgressed a little bit these last few days, but that is the only way to recognize where the boundary lies.


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