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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

5k on the Installment Plan

Tuesday. A.k.a. track day. I was tempted to do Joseph's half-life workout from a few weeks back but settled on 5 x 1000 meters (400m recovery) at 5k pace. In other words, 5000 meters on the installment plan.

I'm running this to prep for Saturday's Adrenaline 5k. My training has been ill-suited for something that short, and I'm running it mostly for the club, as its a Grand Prix race, and to see what it feels like to get whupped by Tom. My goal for the race is to break 17 minutes, mainly to reassure myself that I still can.

That being said, I figured I'd better get some feeling of what its like to run a sub-17 pace. So I set my goal for the 1000m reps to be 3:21, on pace for a 16:45. Knowing that was a bit ambitious, I said I would settle for anything in which the sum of the reps was less than 17 minutes.

Reps went by in 3:23; 3:21; 3:21; 3:22; 3:25. These were hard, as they called for about a 2:40 800 (faster than I've gone sofar) with an extra 200 tacked on. I'd typically be on pace for the first 400, have trouble maintaining concentration for the 2nd 400, and then hammering it for that extra 200. As the workout went on, the hammers got progressively feebler.

But adding them up gives me 16:52. I'll take that. Experience tells me that the time will be a poor prognosticator - racing conditions are very different than running alone on a track. I felt today like I feel when I do marathon pace workouts; where its hard to imagine putting forth that kind of effort over the full length of a race. But it never comes down to that.

Ultimately I got just what I came out to get, the feeling of what its like to hang at sub 17. 9 miles or so total, 77:03 elapsed time.


Ran 4 miles in the evening, untimed, on same loop as I ran on Monday.


Blogger Mark said...

That's the BEST description I've read on someone running 1000s.

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