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Monday, March 10, 2008

Why I Run in the Morning

Day after a half marathon and second day of daylight savings. Not a good combination. Strike 3 were last minute scratches by Deirdre and Erin, leaving me to run alone. I was already running late with little enthusiasm and tired legs, so I ran a very slow four miles down to Franklin Field and back up to 49th St. Left the watch at home. Nuff said.

I resolved to put in some more miles this evening. But first I had to get my taxes done. My accountant can whup your accountant in any distance 800 meters and longer. Chuck Shields can also pull some great deductions out of his running shoes, and set me up with a nice refund. Keith Davies, a buddy of Chuck's and a fellow member of the XC team that won 3rd place in USATF Masters Nationals, also dropped by and we spent more time looking at pictures and shooting the shit.

I never had as much fun doing taxes but when I left it was later than I thought and I bagged my evening run. That's why I don't work out in the afternoons, just too much stuff gets in the way.


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