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Monday, March 03, 2008

Lamest Route Ever

Easy morning after a weekend that was hard on the legs. Met Erin and Jody, and Erin proposed a route she called the "lamest ever" - basically going around the neighborhood and sticking close to home in case she needed to cut short the run due to a blister she was nursing. Lame sounded good to me, and this route is what resulted. When we got to 48th St. and Erin said she had enough, I wasn't in a mood to get any more in by myself.

Its a good consolation to have company on days that you don't want to run hard. Then instead of wondering whether these were junk miles or not, I appreciate the externalities of running. This morning had the air of hanging out in a coffee shop, minus spending $4 on a latte and with an ever changing view.

5.7 miles in 50.43.


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