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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hair of the Dog

Wintertime, and the running is easy. Still had the crud in my legs from yesterday's run. Left the watch at home, went down to Erin's, and set out to run Penn campus and West Philly. It was like old times in that we got talking about one thing, in this case T9 texting, and that catalyzed a series of esoteric conversation topics that kept us (and Jody) engaged for the rest of the run.

My head is in a fog, so I'll take an easy day writing as well. The loop this morning was 7 miles, and I tacked on another half mile jogging home from dropping my car off, yet again, in the shop.


Blogger John W said...

Your right, a very similar run.

Hope to see you Sunday morning

1:39 PM  

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