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Saturday, February 23, 2008


This morning had the makings of a long run but the majority decided it should happen tomorrow. So at least I should have company tomorrow.

Headed out the door a few minutes late this morning on my way to meet Philly Runners at the Art Museum at 9:30. Fell a little further behind when I stopped to chat with my buddy Mel on the way. By the time I got to the Art Museum everybody had left. It took me about a mile and a half along MLK to catch up with Deirdre and Ryan. We turned up Montgomery Ave and went up Georges Hill. Back around on the Concourse we run into Veena, out for her morning run, and she turned around to join us. Veena's running in the Olympic trials in Boston and moving out of Philly before that, which should keep her busy this winter. The four of us ran back into West Philly, where Deirdre and Ryan turned to head back to the Art Museum, and Veena ran west with me.

I got to pick Veena's brain a bit on training and on what she knew about treadmill calibration. Since yesterday I have been bothered by the idea that there is no way to know how accurate the set pace on a treadmill is. If the tm says, say, you're going at a 7 minute pace, it will be internally consistent and register that you have run one mile after 7 minutes. But yesterday what the tm called a 7 minute pace didn't feel that fast. Say, for arguments sake, that I was correct in my intuition. Then not only would the pace be slower, but the mileage would be short. Veena agreed, there is no way to validate that a tm pace is accurate. Crisis of faith?

It was another jolly Saturday morning romp through the park, meeting up with folks and making the course up as we go along. 11.4 miles in 85:20.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


At the end of the day, does it matter too much about the tmill? It's just a basic meat and potatoes base run--time on your feet in the appropriate zone is more pressing, no?

Not trying to be contrary, just saying...

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