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Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeding the Monkey

Fed the monkey his 10 miles this morning. He's happy for another day.

Today's run was fueled by seared horseradish tuna and rabbit nachos from last night's dinner at Rae. Didn't make for a bad run; didn't make for a good run, just made for a run. The Acme/Wynnefield loop was on the menu this morning. Running it is mostly in daylight now. Grayson Capps and then Chris Knight were on the iPod. Took it easy and just kept going.

Looking ahead, tomorrow I'm running the Pickle Run, a 5k race at Ridley Creek that is a prediction run (i.e., no watches allowed) and looks to be low-key. I aim to treat it just that way, a pre-season tune up with no pressure or prognostications attached. We'll see if I can keep my word.

Prediction is a 17:30 - based more on effort I want to expend than on effort I'm capable of. Anyway, you read it here today; check in tomorrow to see how I do.

10 miles in 1:26:10 today.


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