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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Warm Day

Insanely mild out this morning. Temps supposed to get into the high 60s. I'll take it. Its one day less I get to bellyache about the cold, one less day that I have to pay for heat.

I think as I write this that if it weren't for running then except for going from office to meeting or to lunch or to the car I really won't have much chance to enjoy these temps. Its sad when I think about it that way. But I did get upwards of an hour this morning to be out and feel warm with just short sleeves while breaking a good sweat and feeling free of all the encumbrances of winter. The temptation was there to carpe the diem further, but hey, I don't want to get too carried away.

As promised to myself, this morning was an easy jaunt to the Art Museum and back around to meet Erin and Iris at 6:30 for another few miles. Erin and I each have our own logistical struggles in getting out for these runs, but we've been making it out at least once a week together for the last few weeks, and that bodes well for getting something regular going again.

Days like today make for thoughts about a really early Spring. But reports have it that the groundhog did see his shadow the other day, and it's supposed to drop back down into the 40s tomorrow, so today should be the peak of this little warm spell. Someday soon these temps will be back to stay.

8 and a qwooter miles on this loop in 70:56.


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