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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Run and Some Other Stuff

The best part about todays run was waking up at 5:30 and being able to roll over and sleep a few more hours.

I left the house at 9 to meet the Philly Runners at the Art Museum at 9:30. I wanted to go long and thought I'd make up the run based on who was down there. From the AM, I went out with Chris and John and we ran together long enough for Chris to agree to run on the team (fourth incarnation of TEKBOD) I'm getting together for the Cesar Rodney Half Marathon in March.

Then Chris took off and I opted to hang back with John. Smart move, as the two of us and another guy Jeff ran the 4 MLK miles in 30 flat, complete with easy conversation. John and I then headed up the BN hill and before we knew it we were huffing and puffing. Crested the hill in 9:57 and made it out to Belmont Plateau in just over 18 minutes. This was faster than I took it on Thursday, and felt completely different, as I felt like I was working with John rather than against the clock.

We then doubled back along Chamounix to Ford Road and continued on with the course we did together a few weeks ago. The rest of the run was more mellow and with alot of conversation. This helped me transition to the "tired legs" portion of the speed-hills-tired legs progression that has provided the structure for my long runs of late. John peeled off and I did the final two miles accompanied by Grace Potter on the iPod.

This long run went well, thanks in large part to John's company. I felt a bonding experience running the BN part of the course with him for time. Hard to explain the feeling, I'd never done that segment for time with anybody before, save a few squirrels. The benefits of company to ease the endless onslaught of miles is easier to explain, and should be familiar to most runners. It takes a village...

The course cobbled the previous link with an Art Museum loop (see yesterdays course link) and the extra mile for the Chamounix out and back we added on. Conservatively, then, it was 17.5 miles. Time was 2:17:28.

And the Boston list keeps growing. Vince, who gave me advice during the darkest days of my ankle sprain, looks to be in, as does Paul, a guy I run with who's got a Boston streak that I believe runs into the teens.

And the last bit, my toe with the black toenail really hurts now, as though the end of it was banging against the toebox of my shoe. I'll be monitoring this.


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