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Friday, January 18, 2008

Badge of Honor

I know I'm in marathon training now. I put on my sock and saw it. My second toe on my right foot. The nail is black. I'm so proud. I'd post a picture of it if my mother didn't read this blog every once in awhile. This is real now, folks.

Speaking of real, I'm signed up for Boston now. Which means I'm $116 poorer. And committed that deeply.

Today's run was easy. A variety of factors conspired to restrict my running options for this morning. Once I was on the road, the next logical step was to note how beat up my legs felt anyway. Then it was an easy sell to ease back a bit. Sometimes there is something behind a blatant rationalization. And if I run as planned tomorrow and Sunday I'll still break 70 for the week.

Due to slushy conditions from last night's precipitation, I ran the streets of Tinicum township (not to be confused with the wildlife refuge). Tinicum bills itself as the oldest continuous settlement in modern day Pennsylvania, founded by the Swedes in 1643. The seventeenth century must have been the town's heyday; the town exudes post-industrial decline. It clearly once exploited its position right on the Delaware River, now its biggest industry is long-term parking for the nearby airport.

6.5 miles on this loop and add-on. Wanted to run for 60 minutes, only got in about 58. That'll do.


Blogger Mark said...

I picked up one of those "badges" myself on the treadmill, no less.

Great, your running Boston! It'll be an interesting road and fun to run the same race with you.

4:05 PM  

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