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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slow Moe

About the same conditions as yesterday, but for some reason I felt the need to dress more warmly. Made it to Essington before deciding that, although the critics like Freedie Johnston, he fails to move me. So I switched to Sonny Rollins to provide a soundtrack for the rising sun as I headed east on Gov. Printz Blvd.

I then changed the music to Fela Kuti to try to inspire some pep in my legs when I turned north onto Bartram Ave, but alas Fela was no performance enhancer this morning.

By the time I hit Tinicum I had resigned myself to this, an easy day, actually being an easy day. I turned off my iPod, turned off my watch, and became one with Darby Lake as the new day started. More deer than usual were about. Each time I run the boring part now I'm seeing a red-tail hawk (don't know if its the same one) in about the same spot, just like I did last winter. When I approached the 1-mile-to-go mark I saw a mottled blob standing on the trail that turned out to be a blue heron who let me get within about 10 feet before running and flapping his wings like some airplane heading down the runway. The bird must have been either sick, hurt or barmy.

10.5 miles on a shorter version of yesterday's loop, no time but probably around 8 1/2 minute pace.


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