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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm vegging on the couch right now with the NFL playoffs on the tv and chicken in the oven.

This morning's running promises to be an overblogged one, as I teamed up with Tom, and John. John, of course, is a regular running buddy, but this is the first time I met Tom in real life. He is the third guy that I've run with after meeting through the blogosphere, after Duncan and Mike. Sofar so good.

I took the guys out to the tree on my 10-mile loop out to Lansdowne. Chemistry was good as the conversation flowed and noone seemed overly concerned about whether the pace was too slow or too fast. The tree continues to stand tall and the weather was sunny and mild. Another one of those great runs that just keep coming.

I hope they never end. 10 miles in 80:40, pace felt much faster than that.

Packers just about have the game locked up in the blinding snow and the chicken is about ready.


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