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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reality Bites

Yesterday's run was after waking up in the mid-morning, a nice breakfast of crepes, and with some mid-day sun. This morning's run was more down to earth - up at 5:45 and out the door at 6:15 while it was still dark and there was a skim of ice on the puddles. This is winter running - day after day and week after week. These are the rocks upon which New Year's hopes get dashed.

For today I did make it out. Ran through Essington and Tinicum townships and hit Tinicum from the north end. By then it was sufficiently lit to negotiate the trails and to see silhouettes of the numerous ducks, geese, herons, and hawks.

I had Sonny Rollins on the iPod. I really don't know much about what I'm listening to with jazz, but want to learn more. So I took a certified classic, his Freedom Suite album, and just ran with it. Different kind of running to music, more cerebral with Rollins' sax just blending in with the surroundings and the rising sun.

Looked in my old logs and came up with this link for the route. 10.5 miles, no watch this morning. Legs felt dead towards the end, probably more miles than I should have put in.


Blogger John W said...

"These are the rocks upon which New Years hopes get dashed"

My New Years resolution was to run in the morning so day #1... I didn't get out of bed. This post added a little resolve to my hopes.

3:15 PM  

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