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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

I really don't feel like blogging today. Seems like most of the blogs I follow are also a few days/weeks behind, so maybe its the holidays.

To recap the weekend, I got in:

6.5 miles on Saturday with Deirdre running through West Philly on this loop in 56:08.

8.3 miles today (Sunday) running around and through the airport on this loop in 70:09.

The positive to this is that I accumulated 42 miles this week, 1.5 more than last week. But the increase in weekly miles feels like a consolation, as I had hoped to get in a longer run today than I did.

My ankle really felt screwy yesterday as I plodded around big box stores and malls doing some Christmas shopping. It wasn't good pain, going from both sides of my ankle up my tendons and making my walk such that it was apparent I was feeling discomfort. The weird thing was how this pain moved around, and for some time even went to my other foot/leg. It feels like overuse, but not so intense that I feel compelled to take time off. Like a wait and see, but with some anxiety that I'll be saying later I should have laid off it.

So it wasn't a bad thing that there was nasty wind and rain all morning and into the afternoon today. But later in the afternoon the sun came out and my legs, freshened up from a day of mostly sitting and working, seemed to feel okay. It was about 4pm when I made it out, and I headed out to the airport and left the return leg open based on how far I'd feel like running.

In the end it was more caution - of the dark and of overdoing things - that limited my run to 70 minutes, rather than any foot pain. My feet and legs felt fine during the run, its post-run now that I'm warily keeping tabs on.

I'll take tomorrow off, as I have been doing for the last few weeks. I'll play it by ear after that. After writing this, it seems good that circumstances led to my keeping the run shorter. I feel on a cusp of overuse here and don't know if I crossed it. I am also thinking that I feel much better having run than were I to have taken the day off today. So I'm not feeling as whiny as I did at the start of this post.

Now all that's left is to wait and see. Till Tuesday.


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