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Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Tom Missed

Was supposed to run with Tom this morning, but Tom's leg had other designs and he had to bail. In regret of missing his company, this blog entry will describe what Tom missed.

He didn't miss anything memorable, but nonetheless it was a solid run. Deirdre made it out west, and the two of us set off on an extended Acme loop which incorporated MLK Drive and the west of Strawberry Mansion Bridge hill. Cloudy and cool, on the verge of rain. I was happy to have an extended run in natural daylight, and we were both yapping away through most of the run as we had a lot to catch up on. That meant the miles went by quickly. They did not go by easily, however, as from miles 3 to about 10 was more or less constant up or downhill. My ankle was not liking this, and gave notice about the time we got to Wynnefield. I even expressed to Deirdre that this may end up being a long slog home, but the ankle settled down, after which my legs just felt generally weary. This run was right at the limits of my fitness right now.

The loop is here. Click on the elevation link and you can see the hilliness of the course. Good course to have in the repertoire, but I don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon. All in all it was 13 miles in 1:41:09.


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