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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years

First mile of the year was run from Lloyd Hall with Reba. After that Reba bade me go and the second mile was run to the driving beat of Interpol. Continued down Kelly Drive and across Falls River bridge, first 4 miles in 31:15.

As I crossed Falls River Bridge a runner came from Bloody Nipple hill and was about 30 meters ahead of me as I turned down MLK. This gave me a shot of testosterone, and, looking at the windbreaker he had on, figured I'd make short work with him and continue on at an easy pace. A half mile down MLK I see I am now doing 6:07 pace and have done nothing to close the gap between us. I keep this pace up waiting for him to fade and he keeps this pace up as well. 3 miles go by and we still have the same distance between us, he then starts widening the gap and turns down the Schuylkill bike path as I continue to finish up the back four miles just past the Art Museum. This 4 was in 24:37.

Don't know who this guy was, but he had just led me on what was my first tempo run of the year, about a month before I figured I'd be ready for it. But it felt at less than usual tempo effort and there was no pain. Thus the good week continues. Ran home from there to make it 11 miles total in 81:49.

I'm not really big on the resolution thing this year. I looked at what I wrote last year, which was to get more sleep. This is a good resolution again for this year. Slept in today, so only got 365 more nights of good sleep to go. As a second resolution, I think I will go back and read old blog entries more. Just looking over this year's entries in compiling my memorable moments list, I feel that there is much gold to be mined from what I have written.

We'll see how long these resolutions last. Anyhow, New Years means new starts, and I feel I made a good one for this year.


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