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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CWP Redux

I got up 15 minutes earlier this morning and, lo and behold, made it out of the house 15 minutes earlier. This let me do the first six miles of my Art Museum loop and end up at Erin's right at 6:30. Erin, Iris and I ran about 3 1/2 stroller friendly miles around Penn and back up into the UC before I peeled off for home and the dash to get Tony out the door to school. Total 9.5 was in 82:19.

Erin was a long-time running partner. We ran together most M, W & F's for about two years, wiling away countless miles with overeducated conversation and discovering many nooks and crannies of West Philly. We were the nucleus of Club West Philly, which grew to 6 regulars and a few more irregulars before, as Erin puts it, "being dashed by the fertility gods." You run together like that for so long and it feels like it will last forever, this morning I looked back on it and wondered if it we could ever get that back. Life is very different now for each of us, leading to logistical challenges for each of us where a hurried half hour was the best we could muster. But it was a good half hour, catching up on each other and some friends and then on last nights primary results. And we'll try and do it again on Friday, and see where it goes.

Whats good for voter turnout in New Hampshire is also most excellent for running in Philadelphia. The weather this morning was incredible - 60's and damp, and despite my short sleeves I returned home covered in sweat. Hope it lasts.


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