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Monday, January 14, 2008


My legs felt all beat up this morning, no doubt a product of my run on Sunday. Looking back, by my standards I didn't even go that hard. But I'm still building my base, and I would say that I put more than a few bricks up yesterday.

So today it was a question of whether to run easy or not at all. The temptation for the latter was great but I do want to get in a 70 mile week this week, and to do even a few miles on an easy day makes this goal much easier. So I got out and ran to Franklin Field and back on the usual loop, going up to 54th St. to make it a 5 mile run. I had a watch but shouldn't have timed it. Don't remember the exact time but it was around 45 minutes.

Not much else to say about it other than the weather is still great for running.


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