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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tangled Up in Loop

Met the Philly Runners this morning at the Art Museum. Reba came down with me and Deirdre said she'd meet me there. Deirdre is tapering for the Miami marathon next week, so she decided to take it easy and peeled off after a mile down MLK. This left me with no-one to run with, but I saw Chris Nirschel, one of the top local runners who nonetheless maintains an allegiance to Philly Runners, a few hundred meters ahead. I sped up a bit to catch up with him and spent the next five miles or so running with him and getting to know him. His easy pace was pushing it a bit for me, but I managed to hold my own in conversation although I caught myself gasping for air when I'd talk on the uphill parts.

We ran over Strawberry Mansion bridge, around the res, and back to the Art Museum, where he went towards Center City and I headed towards Chestnut St. on the bike path. I slowed the pace down a bit but took on the hills of 34th St. as I trucked up to the zoo and to the Civil War memorial. The hills slowed me down, but more disconcerting was the lack of pep I felt on the downhills. It wasn't an energy thing as much as an ankle thing. They just didn't feel right and that translated into a lack of motivation.

From the war memorial I cut back down to MLK and took it back to Lloyd Hall. I felt a second wind as things got flat, and finished strong. Reba was waiting for me at the car, understandably impatient for me to come back as she had cooled down a while before and I had the key.

Mapping the course I ran shows a spaghetti-like romp. It also showed 13.2 miles, a few miles more than I wanted to run and a few miles too many to have someone waiting for me. I'm sorry again that you had to wait, Reba. Next time stay warm in Lloyd Hall and make me look for you.

Forgot my watch, so my time today is known only to God. Its better that way.


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