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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Training for Beijing

I read that Haile Gebrselassie may not run the marathon this summer in Beijing, saying that the air there was so polluted that he feared damage to his already asthmatic lungs. Geb's dilemma came to me as I ran by the airport this morning and jet exhaust permeated the air. First time I ever noticed that, maybe it was the wind or the runways that were being used. It made me wonder if I was getting or losing health this morning.

This exhaust-in-the-air smell came back as I was running the Tinicum refuge. This was alot more disturbing... violating is more like it. The airport seems too far away for the exhaust to carry, was it the interstate? Did it have anything to do with the urge I had to just lay on the trail and curl myself into a warm fetal ball and go to sleep?

Ryan... Ritz... Brian... y'all might wanna train here, get your lungs in shape for this summer.

All that aside, there is usually one thing that happens when I run the Cargo City-Tinicum loop to make the whole run worthwhile. Today when I turned left on 84th St. there was the hugest setting full moon I can remember seeing. It was glowing and beautiful and looked to be on a crash course with Earth. I just stared up at it and took my chances that I wouldn't step into or onto something.

Then when I turned left onto Lindbergh Ave. I could see the sunrise on my left. Beautiful as well. Simultaneous moonset and sunrise.

Tinicum was quiet. Saw numerous members of the Tinicum Track Club bashing through the bushes, only two came on the trail and they were off again, declining to stick around and pace. They're not real accommodating of penguins like me.

I did waddle at a pretty good clip this morning, cutting 5 seconds off my course PR time. This came off of the front end (63:36), as the Tinicum 5 (36:01) were a bit slower than last Thursday. Several things, including a loose dog and the aforementioned pollution, accounted for this. I also realized that the footing on the trail is not going to be conducive to running this at tempo pace when the time comes to do so. But that is a worry for another day.

12.5 miles in 99:37.


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