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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Work With What You Got

Same descent into the early morning darkness today, but the run was more upbeat.

Ran a BN loop, as planned, timing myself for the 4 MLK miles and the following stretch up the BN and around to Belmont Plateau. The object of this was to get back into the rhythm of taking these sections faster. This includes the anticipation on the warmup, the pushing up the speed once I get on the west side of the river, and of course running fast. I don't want to start actual speed stuff until February, this was basically teaching myself how to run fast again.

Given this, the goals were modest. I set out to run the MLK four in sub 7 pace, time was 27:19. I set out to beat my time of 20 minutes flat that I got on Sunday for the second stretch, and I ran 18:37. These splits will have to come down quite a bit, but for today I'm satisfied.

Again the run was mostly in the darkness. It is quite the feeling of accomplishment when it finally gets to be visibly daylight out and the run is almost done. As I surmised yesterday, having the time goals to occupy my mind helped make it through the run, as did the thought that the time I got up today will be the earliest, and the mileage I covered will be the farthest I'll ever push myself on an early morning workout this season. Not that I won't do it again, I just won't do anything more extreme. And now I know I can do it.

Kevin, my housemate, who is recovering from a stress fracture and is still hoping to run at Millrose next weekend, has been saying of late that you work with what you got. Thinking that helped me get out of bed and on the roads this morning. And I got a little more for it.

13.5 miles in 1:45:13.


Blogger John W said...

That workout was definitely a big accompishment on the road to full recovery. Nice work.

9:27 AM  

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