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Saturday, February 09, 2008

20 Miler #1

Today's run started off yesterday with a vague notion that I will need to go long today, and led to a post on the Philly Runner message board to see if anyone was interested. As often happens, John Dubs was the only one to bite, but that was enough. John has been my most consistent long run partner over the last few years, and has already helped make several of these jaunts this year go by more quickly. So I ran out to meet him and the rest of the Saturday morning PR crew (probably about 30 today) at the Art Museum at 9:30.

We were about 8 strong going down MLK at about a 7:30 clip, but when John and I turned left to go up the BN hill, only one other guy, Ryan, followed as the rest turned right to cross Falls River Bridge. The three of us retraced the route John and I ran two Saturdays ago, a bit slower today but still at a good pace. The chemistry was good, as the conversation flowed and the miles went by quickly. I had the foresight to pack a GU, but it must have went to my head instead of my legs as I was yapping my head off to a captive audience after I took it.

John and Ryan turned to head back to the Art Museum at Penn campus and I headed back home, but not before heading up to 58th St. to tack on an additional 2 1/2 miles to make it a 20-miler. My legs felt strong, so that it took until mile 19 for them to get that achy-breaky feeling that I look for at the end of a good long run.

Total running time was 2:42:13. This time is as good a goal time as any for staying on my feet at Boston. Judging by the pacing and the splits I collected, I'm guessing the route was actually a little bit longer, but I cobbled together several old gmap links to come up with this distance. And that's fine, all I wanted today was to get in 20.

By way of a non-running postscript, congratulations go to Reba for passing the psychology licensing exam. As I was explaining to Maricela, this is the equivalent of what passing the bar exam is for attorneys.


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