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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Left the house at 5:10, enough time to get in a BN loop tempo run before getting Tony to school.

As cold as yesterday (low 20s) but not as windy, at least not until I got to MLK Drive. I dressed smarter today, with a t-shirt under my long sleeve T, new cotton gloves that I picked up at last weekend's Pickle Run (thank you Nolan Painting), and a knit cap.

Had high hopes for taking my times on the tempo parts down yet another notch from the last time I ran this, two weeks ago. When the first mile clocked in at 6:27, I knew that wasn't going to happen. Long story short, the 4 MLK miles went down in 25:20, and the Bridge-to-Plateau segment went down in 17:05 (9:15 at the BN summit). These are a bit slower than my times from two weeks ago and alot slower than what I was shooting for.

I take consolation in that I successfully held back the overwhelming urge to stop and turn around after Mile 1, and that my subsequent splits actually got progressively faster, though not down to the 6-flat vicinity I had been going for. It just wasn't my day. Not sure why. Yes, there was a sometimes nasty headwind; yes it was cold; yes, my stomach did not feel great; yes, I've been running hard lately. These are all likely factors, but their collected variance explained (statistical term) doesn't come close to 100%.

Interestingly, I checked my biorhythms and today I'm at my lowest point in the physical cycle. According to my chart, it also looks like I'm going to be a dumbass for the next few days. But my emotional cycle is near peak, which is consistent with Reba's comments that I seemed in a good mood this morning.

The other consolation I got is that I felt sick to my stomach after finishing the tempo parts and, when that settled, I really felt tired. Either I'm coming down with something or, despite my disappointing time, I put alot of myself out there this morning.

Altogether, 13.5 in 1:43:58. Taking it in stride (sic).


Blogger Reba said...

Hmm.... I just checked my biorhythms and it seems as though you and I are in opposite phases of our cycles.... While I'm supposedly at or near the peak of both my physical and intellectual functioning, my emotional functioning is in the crapper.... maybe that explains my telephone dream last night.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Evan Roberts said...

funny you mention biorhythms, i have had a week where things started badly and mysteriously got better despite a rapid jump in mileage. But apparently I'm on an upswing physically, which would explain a lot.

Happily my target marathon date (6/1) is right near the top physically.

Hope your mental health research is going well!

4:21 PM  

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