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Monday, February 18, 2008

Club West Philly

I woke up this morning to the rain. Then I got up and took stock of the state of my legs. I laughed. No way the track was going to happen today.

But it was too warm not to run at all. So I shifted to plan B. Met with Deirdre, Erin & Iris and we set out for Cobbs Creek. I hoped we'd turn back on Thomas Ave, but we headed out to Springfield Ave. My legs felt like toast and I again amused myself at the vision of speedwork today.

6 miles on this loop, untimed. This is about as easy a day as it gets for me lately. Not much runningwise but it was good to reconnect with Erin and Deirdre. Viva CWP!


Blogger John W said...

A race, and a fast long run make a track workout difficult and probably dangerous. I'm glad your legs told you to hold off.

12:54 PM  

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