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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Runs are Done Runs

One of the more miserable mornings I have run lately. It was cold, but not unbearable; it was the strong NW wind that made things unpleasant. I ran by myself down to and along the Schuylkill and then back west on Market St and through Penn campus (there was a wall of wind around the high rise dorms) to Erin's. Here I hooked up with her, Iris, and Jody to head west into the wind to Cobbs Creek and back down Springfield, again proving Seebo's Law of Thermodynamics that the tailwind is always of lesser force than the headwind.

Iris was sitting snug in the running stroller all packed with her reading material into a sleeping bag-type contraption and with a windproof vinyl thingy draped around the stroller. I was jealous.

A half-fast run, at best. I have the time on my watch but won't put it down as I'm too lazy to get the watch and too self-conscious about putting the time on the record. Suffice that it was an easy day, and suffice that I ran it like one. 10.5 miles; I'm glad its done.

P.S. - Satellite recon has just spotted a track in West Philly that I'd heard rumors about and have been meaning to investigate. Check it out. Will have to send out a ground patrol to investigate further.

P.P.S. - Got a Valentine's card from the West Coast chapter of CWP. Thanks, it got some laughs.


Blogger Kevin said...

Erin and I ran that track once. It's cinder, nothing special, but still good to know it's there in a pinch (and less treacherous than the track at Cobb's Creek).

5:03 PM  

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