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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I Blog

Long way home. Started from Reba's house and went around the airport and through SW Philly.

I did the Hog Island part at tempo. I first did this on Feb. 17 and today I extended it a bit. This is a more challenging tempo course because, unlike the Drives, the distances here are unmarked. This means I am forced to run alot more by feel.

Fortunately, in my blog entry from the 17th I was meticulous in recording the tempo part. For my sake more than anything else, I repeat what I wrote about Hog Island Rd.:

at the 2.552 mark, just after I turned right onto Island Ave/Hog Island Rd., I take off. I make note that I pass the first radar tower (1 mile in) in 6:20 and the second radar tower (2.4 miles in) in 15:01. I run hard to a runway underpass (4.6 miles, ending at mile 7.169) for a total time of 28:19, or a 6:09 pace which got faster as I got further in.

Today, the first radar tower passed in 5:50 (much quicker), but I must have slowed a bit as I passed the second radar tower in 14:45 (a little quicker) and then the runway underpass in 28:24 (actually a little slower). I extended this tempo part to where Hog Island intersects with Enterprise for 5.4 miles of tempo (ending at mile 7.961), which I clocked in 33:13, for an overall 6:09 pace. Interesting in that I ran very differently today for essentially the same pace. I can learn alot if I run this stretch repeatedly, we'll see how that goes.

I also continued to run tempo down Enterprise Ave until I got past I-95 and to Bartram Ave. This was an additional 1.35 miles in 8:18 (continued the 6:09 pace). This part is dicier to run tempo, though, as there are traffic, lights, and other impediments.

The rest of the run was a slog through SW Philly. Not much more to write about it other than it is in the log, and now, in the blog. 14 miles in 1:44:01.


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