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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I was going to call this entry "licking my wounds" but I am not saying I am injured. Yet.

The problem is with the inside of the both calves. My PT, back when I saw one, said that was the area for tibialis posterior tendonitis. But googling this, I find that this malady centers around the inner ankle and goes down into the foot. What I have feels like tendonitis and starts at the bony knob of the inner ankle, but runs up the inside front of my calf. Its in the calves and not on the shins, so I don't think its shin splints (I've had them before, and the pain is different). I've had this on and off for awhile, but its been low grade. Yesterday after my run it got more noticeable, to the point where I was being careful moving my foot around when I put on shoes and to where I felt it when in bed. If I pay attention I can feel it now as I write.

So first things first, I'm taking the day off of running. This is the first time I've taken a day off since January 7 and only the second day off this year. I am still in the bargaining phase, however, as I'd like to get a track workout in tomorrow and run hard over the weekend, at which point I am willing to ease up as a mini-taper to the following weekend's Cesar Rodney half-marathon.

There is some precedent for this, as my training cycles usually involve some type of overuse issue that just sits on the threshold of warranting concern. At this point, I still classify my current malady as of that ilk.

But what is it? I just tried the internet again for a spell and again had no luck with diagnosis. Now I'm wondering, wishfully, if its not just sore muscles. The only thing helpful I got from my search (besides what its not) is the mention of shoes as a possible issue. I did go back to using some older light-weight trainers yesterday, dunno if that has to do with anything.

Anyway, zero miles today and I'll take it day by day.


Blogger Tom said...

Have your calves been tight or sore? I got (what sounds like) that same sort of pain after a bout in the fall with tight calves. The stretches from here were a help:

For that stuff, it was #s 9 & 10 from that page. It took a good bit of work for me to finally get that soleous stretch down. I was never really getting it stretched enough against the wall.

Good luck with it.

Guess this is a bad time to ask if your doing the Adrenaline run this year?

1:33 PM  

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