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Friday, March 14, 2008

Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner

Two roads diverged upon getting to the airport, and I took the one with more miles. This morning, that made all the difference.

Apologies to Robert Frost. I'm not sure what kind of difference running 14 miles instead of 10 on an "easy" day this morning will make, but it just about assures me a high mileage week. It also will keep quiet, at least for today, that voice that says I could have trained harder. Don't know if it would slow me down any in tomorrow's Adrenaline 5k, but that will probably never get answered.

The main reason I chose this road less traveled on my run home from Reba's house this morning was because I really didn't feel like slogging down Bartram Ave., which is shorter but seems endless. So I took the longer Hog Island Road around the airport instead. Its a very solitary stretch, and this morning I enjoyed being alone with my thoughts and a nice, though unspectacular, sunrise with the blackbirds chirping and the gulls, crows and occasional hawk flying about. For several miles I felt at peace and was content to have the run go on forever. That lasted, however, until I got to about Fort Mifflin and ended at about the same time the realization came that I was only about halfway home. Soon thereafter I was keenly aware of running on tired legs and getting into the uglier parts of SW Philly, part of Burgess' "Zone of Transition." I focused on the former, as this discomfort is the main value of this workout as I get closer to Boston.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep

14 miles in 1:57:32.


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